UCSB Mail Services

How to Set Up a FedEx Account

  1. Contact the Government Hotline at the Federal Express Customer Service department: 800.645.9424, or go to the FedEx web site to open an account.
  2. Call FedEx Representative Elaine Heath at 858.450.9869, to have your new account linked to the University of California agreement. This will enable your department to receive the discounts given to the University by Federal Express.

Processing Instructions:

Each package or envelope you prepare for shipment must have a Federal Express form attached, with your account number and delivery information already filled in. You can do the paperwork for each shipment online if you prefer, or you can order FedEx forms and supplies without charge from their web site. The FedEx website is very useful in answering your questions, finding tips and ways to most effectively ship your packages.

You will no longer need to attach a UCSB Shipping Memo.

Package pick up (choose any of the following options):

  • Call FedEx directly for pickup (800.463.3339).
  • Bring packages to Central Receiving before 4:00 pm for distribution to FedEx.
  • Call Central Receiving for pickup (before 3:00 pm) at 805.893.2878.

If you have any questions about this procedure please contact Distribution & Logistical Services Manager, Jim Hernandez, at 805.893.2093.