Furniture Services

Event Equipment Rentals

Furniture Services provides a variety of rental equipment items for UCSB functions. These items are available only to UCSB departments and student groups on a recharge basis. In addition to the equipment listed, Furniture Services can obtain many other items. We also provide staff to set up and take down equipment for events on an hourly recharge basis.

A delivery/removal fee of $50 minimum will be charged for each order, where applicable. Delivery fees vary and will be charged according to the specifics of each individual order. Higher delivery fees may apply to time specific deliveries, evenings or weekends, long-carries or stairs, multi-day and otherwise difficult requests. Departments requesting the rental equipment are fully responsible for the equipment from the time of the delivery until the time of removal.

Rental Equipment Available

Item Unit Type Rate
Chairs (folding, White) Ea $1.10
Chairs (folding, old Blue & Gold) Ea $0.75
Chairs (folding, new Blue & Gold) Ea $1.75
Chairs (stacking, ergo) Ea $3.25
Chairs (folding, resin, padded white) Ea $3.00
Table (round, 60") Ea $8.25
Table (banquet, 6'x30") Ea $7.75
Table (banquet, 8'x30") Ea $10.75
Tables Cocktail Ea $8.50
Table (narrow, 5'x18") Ea $7.75
Podium Ea $16.00
Canopy 10 X 10 Ea $53.75
Canopy 20 X 20 Ea** $161.25
Easels Ea $10.75
Staging Ea $27.00
Posterboards Ea $16.00
Umbrellas 9' Ea $37.50
Umbrellas 11' Ea $53.75
Flag/Banners Ea $21.50
Sports Fence Ea $10.75
Stanchions Ea $13.00
Trash Cans Ea $4.50

**additional labor may apply

Recharge Rates

Item Unit Type Rate
Forklift Hr* $45.25
Vehicle Hr* $24.75
Supervisor Labor Hr* $47.25
Non-Supervisor Hr Hr* $18.25

*partial hr labor/vehicle rates will be applied as necessary

For more information about our services please contact Jeff Goldmann at 805.893.2732 or