General Questions

Mail Services is located at Building 507, Mesa Road - just east of Los Carneros. You can contact Mail Services at (805) 893-3595.

Recharge Questions

Call or email Mail Services for any monthly recharge questions, (805) 893-3595 or Toni Murillo at

Please email with your change request. If you are requesting to use a new LVPA number, please provide the LAFSO associated with the new LVPA.

Outgoing Mail/Packages (Campus Departments)

Letters up to 14 oz. can be sent without any custom’s documentation.
14 oz. – 4 lbs pieces would require a 2976 Form and over 4 lbs. would need a 2976-A Form.
These forms are available at Mail Services.

For more details, please see Mail Preparation under UCSB Mail Services, then select “Preparation of International Mail” towards the center for complete information on International Mail.

Postal Control Number is assigned by Mail Services for large mailing jobs that are prepared by a mail provider, other than UCSB Mail Services. The Postal Control Number allows Mail Services to track the mail project once it is given to the US Postal Service for mailing and account for the postage incurred.

Under “Forms,” choose the Bulk Mail/Postal Control Number Request Form. Once you have filled out this form, email or fax to Mail Services along with a sample of your mailing.

Mail Services can pick up your outgoing package daily Monday – Friday. Please make sure you have your Dept. Mail Code included in the return address and indicate which LVPA# you would like to charge to.

Mail Services can include your special pick up in our daily service. If you need mail tubs or trays to accommodate a large mailing, we can provide these for you.

Maximum: 4 ¼” high X 6” long.
Minimum: 3 ½” high X 5” long.
Thickness: Max .016", Min .007"

Maximum: 6 1/8” high X 11 ½” long.
Minimum: 3 ½” high X 5” long.
Thickness: Max ¼”, Min .007”

The term “Bulk Mail” refers to a mailing job with 200 or more pieces that will be handled by a service bureau or letter shop off the UCSB campus. Mail jobs less than 200 pieces should be prepared at the department level and submitted to Mail Services for metering and mailing.

The Business Reply Mail (BRM) format for UCSB departments is attached. Please copy and provide the image to the printing firm that will be assisting you with the printing services. There is a space for your department name, and we also ask that you have your department’s LVPA#, to be charged, printed in the upper left corner on each envelope.

UCSB’ “Receiving” address on the BRM design is correct as shown and should NOT be changed.

Business Reply Mail envelope

Incoming Mail/Packages (Campus Departments)

Mail Services would need to look into this case by case. Please provide tracking #, dept. name, extension and type of package. We will get back to you with our findings.

You will need to have a tracking number for the package. If you do, you can select a link for the appropriate carrier below:

US Postal Service

The door to your office might have been locked so Mail Services staff was not able to enter your office location. If this happens, Mail Services leaves behind a “Mail Delivery was attempted!” card. If the door to your office was locked or department was closed, we ask that someone from the department come to Mail Services to collect your department’s mail for that day.

Mail Delivery was attempted! card