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For UCSB Departments

How to Dispose

The disposal of UCSB property is governed by University policy as set forth in Business & Finance Bulletin BUS-38 “Disposal of Excess Materiel and Transfer of Federally-Funded University –Owned Material.

At UCSB, Surplus Sales has the responsibility to dispose of excess and surplus property and is delegated the authority to establish selling prices. On items of real value, Surplus Sales staff may consult with the department in establishing fair market value.

The first step in disposing of an item is to ascertain if it is an inventorial item. The distinction between an inventorial and non-inventorial item is more specifically defined on Equipment Management’s website, however, in general, if an item originally cost over $5,000 it would be considered inventorial. If the item is inventorial and you wish to dispose of it through the normal channels of having Surplus Sales dispose of it, please complete an Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) via ServiceNow. Select "Transfer" as the Transaction type, and "Surplus Sales" as the Modification type. The EIMR will automatically route to Equipment Management, where the title will be reviewed, after which the ticket will be routed to the requesting Department's Surplus Administrator (as designated in the GMC), and then to Surplus Sales approval and subsequently back to EM for processing. Please be sure to add a note in the description field of the ticket if you want Surplus to contact you to arrange a pickup on a recharge, or alternatively if you prefer to deliver the item(s) to Surplus Sales where no fee is assessed.

If the item(s) are non-inventorial, contact Surplus Sales at 805.893.2732 for discussion about how to proceed with disposal. While a department may not sell its own surplus material, non-inventorial and non e-waste items may be trashed or recycled by the department. Disposal of non-inventorial surplus is at the sole discretion of Surplus Sales, with an emphasis placed on re-use and recycling as much as possible. Generally, if any of these items are sold, no money is returned to the originating department.

Surplus Sales yard

Methods of Disposal are:

  • Sale
  • Donation
  • Scrap, salvage, or recycle
  • Trash

For more information on disposal procedures contact Surplus Sales at or 805.893.2732.

Buying from Surplus Sales

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UCSB departments are encouraged to purchase used equipment and items from Surplus Sales. It is a great way to save money. Many of the items for sale are used by most departments on campus.

Viewing hours are Tuesdays from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm at our location in Building 507 on Mesa Rd. (just east of Los Carneros Rd.).

You may call Surplus Sales, 805.893.2732 or email at to ask if Surplus has what you’re interested in buying.

Selling Your Equipment

Surplus Sales is the only authorized department from which UCSB inventorial, or non-inventorial items may be sold.

cabinets and stacked chairs

Surplus Sales staff will work with you, if necessary, to obtain the proper information needed in order to sell the item, choose the best method of selling and then work with buyers to make transactions.

Surplus Sales utilizes many different methods to sell UCSB surplus property including:

Proceeds from the sale of equipment are generally divided between Surplus Sales and the originating department on a tiered basis as outlined in the tab marked Surplus Sales Handling Fees.

For more information please contact Surplus Sales, 805.893.2732, or

Request a Pickup

Surplus Sales storage

You may request a pickup of surplus property by calling Surplus Sales at 805.893.2732 or As outlined in the tab How to Dispose, an Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) via ServiceNow must be submitted for inventorial assets before pickup can be arranged. An EIMR allows for the processing of a change in custody code from a department to Surplus, until final disposal.

There is a charge for pickup (see Furniture Services Recharge Rates), however the department has the option to bring surplus items to Surplus Sales, with no fees being assessed, after coordinating the drop-off with Surplus Sales.

Recycling/ E-Waste

Surplus Sales attempts to dispose of all items possible by selling, recycling, re-use, or sending as much as possible to a state-certified electronic e-waste recycler.

Surplus Sales has a large Marborg dumpster to collect metal and recycles all wood pallets. It also collects used toners and print cartridges from departments through the collection by Associated Students Recycling.

We Don't Handle...

Surplus Sales is unable to accept liquids, light bulbs, any type of batteries whether computer related or household and smoke detectors. These items can be recycled at Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) except photo electric smoke detectors which can be placed in the trash after removing the batteries.

Surplus Sales takes seriously the UCSB goal of reaching a zero waste university.

Surplus Sales Handling Fees

UCSB Surplus Sales tent

When surplus equipment is sold, proceeds from the sale are dispersed between the selling department and Distribution & Logistical Services. Administrative/Program costs include pickup, storage, transportation, disposal fees, advertising, supplies and other costs directly related to the administration of the surplus program.

Proceeds from Sale DLS Handling Fee
Up to $400 100%
$401 - $500 25%
$501 - $1,000 20%
$1,001 - $5,000 15%
$5,001 - $10,000 10%
$10,001 & above negotiate

*New handling fees are under review and will be implemented upon campus approval.

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