For information about U.S. mail for UCSB housing communities other than San Clemente Residence, please contact the UCen Post Office at: (805) 893-8253 or visit the UCSB Campus Housing web site.

Mail is picked up from the USPS at 7:45 am Monday through Friday. Incoming mail is sorted by type; first class mail receives priority, then periodicals and standard mail.

Mail Services is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Mail will only be delivered to your mailbox number, not to your UCSB residence hall or apartment. Direct questions regarding Mail Services to: or (805) 893-5778.

Postal Service mail for San Clemente Residence is received Monday through Friday mornings in the main campus mail facility in Building 507 on Mesa Road. The mail is delivered to San Clemente Residence in the afternoons from 1:15 pm to 4:00 pm for distribution to student mailboxes.

There is no Saturday delivery.

Most of the mail is delivered and placed in the boxes by 2:30 pm. Please allow staff to complete their deliveries to all boxes before asking if you have mail.

All oversized mail pieces can be picked up from the white UCSB Mail Van located at San Clemente Residence: parking lot #51, between Arrowhead and Bradbury.

If the incoming mail requires a signature (Express, Registered, Certified, Global Express, Insured, Delivery or Signature Confirmation) an e-mail will be sent notifying residents to pick up their package at the UCSB Mail Van parked at San Clemente Residence from 1:15 pm to 4:00 pm, parking lot #51.

When picking up a package, please bring a photo ID. An Access card or driver's license are acceptable forms of ID.

If the name on the package does not match the name on the ID, the package will not be released to you. You may designate someone to sign for a package. *Please see # 2 below*

A signature is required when picking up an item, verifying that it has been released.

Please pick up packages promptly. The package area has limited space and cannot store packages longer than two weeks.

If you cannot pick-up your package at the above time, please review your options below.

  1. Pick up at the Campus Mail Services facility between 10:00 am – 4:30 pm and (Located at Building 507 on Mesa R; grid A-1 on campus map). By arrangement only.

  2. You may designate someone to pick up your package. A print out of the email notification sent to you is required. Include the message below with your signature authorizing the pick-up of your USPS package. Please note an I.D. is required from your designee.

“I authorize [designee’s name] to pick-up my USPS package.”
your signature

In order to receive your mail in a timely manner it is important that all your mail have the correct Mail Box # (given to you by the Housing Department) and the correct Zip Code. The address format that is used on your incoming mail determines the speed in which Mail Services can get that mail to your box. If the address information on the mail piece is insufficient or incorrect and mail staff has to research your correct address, your mail will be delayed.

The proper address format for receiving all U.S. Postal Mail at San Clemente Residence is:

First & Last Name
65** El Colegio Box #XXXX (XXXX = Your Mail Box number)
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

**These two digits will depend on which building you live in…6510 for Arrowhead, 6520 for Bradbury, 6530 for Castaic, 6540 for Donner, 6550 for Encino.

Please notify all correspondents of this address format to ensure that you receive mail in a timely manner.  ALL USPS Mail (Standard, First Class, Certified, Express, Global Express, Priority, Insured, Registered, Delivery Confirmation, and Signature Confirmation) require this address format.

Accountable and oversized mail that has not been picked up within two weeks will be returned to sender. The package area has limited space, please pick up packages promptly.

Other couriers such as: UPS, FedEx, and DHL will deliver packages/items directly to the resident’s apartment.

The address format that is used on your incoming parcels determines the speed in which the courier services (UPS & FedEx, and DHL) can get the package/item to your apartment. If the address information on the parcel is insufficient or incorrect your package will be delayed.
The proper address format for receiving packages other than USPS is:

San Clemente

First & Last Name
65XX El Colegio Road, Room # ____
Goleta, CA 93117


If your mailbox is not working properly, or you are having trouble with your key, report it to the general office at San Clemente Residence.

During the School Year:
If you are moving from San Clemente Residence to other living arrangements, you must follow proper “Move-Out Procedures”with the Complex Coordinator of your building. In order to receive forwarded mail in a timely manner you must fill out the online Student Change of Address form.  Please do not fill out the USPS change of address form. Changing your address with the Post Office, WILL NOT get your mail forwarded.

When permanently leaving UCSB:
If you want your mail forwarded when permanently leaving UCSB, a mail forwarding verification form should be completed and returned to Mail Services. Students should notify senders of their forwarding address two weeks before the quarter ends to avoid delays in the receipt of U.S. Mail. You can fill out a Student Change of Address Form online.

Upon receipt of the notification, Mail Services will only forward first-class and periodical mail to your new address for 3 months. After 3 months, your U.S. Mail will be "Returned to Sender." It is advised that you notify your correspondents of your new address as soon as possible to avoid the delays associated with forwarding your mail.

The USPS will not forward Standard, Non-Profit mail, such as catalogs and newsletters and mail from non-profit organizations. If you want to remain on their mailing lists, you will need to notify them of your new address.